Effective Water Damage Removal

If your home has suffered water damage, you should get help right away. Because water is a natural solvent, the longer it sits in your business or home the more damage it will inflict. Do you need assistance now? Call J.W. Home Care Emergency Services and Restoration now.  We always respond promptly and work fast to address all water damaged areas. We offer world-class emergency services that resolve immediate dangers and reducing the risks of further damage.  (310) 773-5205

Keep reading below to find out additional information about the costs associated with water damage.

Water Damage Removal Costs

It is nearly impossible to get an accurate estimate for water damage removal until a skilled technician has taken at look at the situation and assessed the damages. The job’s pricing is impacted significantly by the damage extent, the amount of water absorption, and the length of time the water has been in the structure. Hence, you should get water damage removed as quickly as possible to lower your costs.

If a company offers a low price without investigating the damage thoroughly, chances are they are setting you up for a bait and switch.  They’ll claim that you have more extensive damages than expected and will continually increase your costs.  J.W. Home Care Emergency Services and Restoration offers accurate prices after we inspect the damage.  You can rest assured that our water damage restoration service will not cost you more that the quoted price. We consistently adhere to the industry standards and are CleanTrust certified. With years of dedicated experience, we are capable of supplying detailed estimates before work commences. If you need an estimate for repairs, contact us so we can send a technician to your location to survey the damages.

Water Damage and Insurance

As an added convenience, we work with all major insurance companies that offer water and fire damage coverage. We have a team that is so familiar and adjusted to working with insurance companies we can process claims quickly because we are aware of what insurance company requires. We have worked with MetLife, Hartford, Allstate, GEICO, American Eagle, AAA, First Commercial, Liberty Mutual, Renaissance, and many other reputable insurers.

(310) 773-5205

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