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When you have a large disaster hit your home or business there is a lot of actions that you need to take in order to save your possessions. After a fire smoke can take over your home and over time it will penetrate deeply into all of the items in your home. Likewise, water damage caused by natural disasters or firefighting can lead to quick mold growth. In fact, some mold strains will develop in as little as 24 hours. Not only do you need to move these out of your home quickly to save them, but if you want to receive money from your financial coverage all of the loss needs to be properly documented. It is difficult to do this all on your own, but luckily, with JW Home Care you won’t have to.

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JW Home Care has been helping people with pack out services and loss mitigation for years and we know exactly what it takes to protect as many of your possessions as possible. Where a normal moving company would not be able to deal with the unique circumstances of loss on a large scale, we are specially equipped to handle it. And not only will we protect as many of your belongings as possible, but we will also work with your insurance agent to make sure everything is properly documented. This will help you to receive as much insurance coverage as possible to help cover your loss.


5* Yelp Reviews

I recently used Jw home care for some water damage I had at my house. Originally I called them to clean a room of carpet because of a toilet I had overflow. Due to my mom being sick, I couldn’t have them come out for a few days. Well Jonathan came out, before he started working he told me that there might be more damage then I thought. So he asked if he could take some moisture readings. Sure enough he found that my wood floors were wet, my drywall in my hallway was soaked and found some mold under my sink because my cabinets soaked up a lot of the water. Because I waited so long they had to removed mostly everything. WHAT A MESS! But they were so professional and quick about it! They started drying out my wooden studs and did that for about three days. They also put up a plastic barrier so dirt and dust wouldn’t dirty up the rest of my house. They recommended a good contractor and they put everything back together so I come move on with my life. The job was pretty expensive but they took 500 off my insurance deductible and billed the rest through my insurance company. In a time that you don’t have a lot of time to shop around, you need a good company and I’m glad yelp help me find JW home care. I highly recommend. ~ Jeff on Yelp

How does pack out differ from normal moving services?

packing-team2Unlike normal moving, pack out requires special care and processing of all the items handled. Everything must be kept in the best possible condition even while being taken out of a home with large scale damage. As this is happening it is important that everything is tracked as well. Each of our team members is properly licensed and certified for emergency pack out services. And since we are a company that will be for you 24/7, 360 days a year, you can be sure that we will be available. It is important to call for pack out services as soon as disaster strikes because every minute that you delay means more items being lost.


With JW Home care you can be sure that the pack out process will be handled efficiently and professionally.



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