When we receive a water damage call, one of the worst things that we hate hearing is water sitting on hardwood floors.  While nearly any flooring type can suffer severe damage from flooding, hardwoods are exceptionally susceptible to water damage.  Often customer with hardwoods ask us: “Can my hardwood floors be saved after water damage?”

Quickness Is Key

How fast the water is removed from the flooded area directly affects the reclaiming prospect of your hardwood floors. Whether you call J.W. Home Care Restoration or another service, employ a professional as soon as possible to save your flooring.  Replacing wood flooring is an expensive endeavor and should be avoided if possible.  Although the most common water damage threat to wood floors is the individual warping of its panels, the most destructive danger is mold growing within its grains.

How We Save Your Wood Flooring

Our first plan of attack is to remove the water from the hardwood with dehumidifiers, blowers, fans, and other drying equipment. We continuously monitor the moisture levels in the boards and are vigilant to identify any signs of mold growth. Sometimes individual wood panels must be removed as they shift and buckle. Often, damaged planks of a portion of the floor must be stained and refinished after water damage.

When to Pull the Plug

Depending on the water source and length of exposure, there are times when wood flooring cannot be saved. Fortunately, you can still make use of the damaged floor with some reclaimed wood projects such as shelving, furniture, an accent wall, or any of the other ideas found on online craft sites. We have even seen some interior design specialists do marvelous things with spaces that were formerly water damage, so it may be a good idea to call one.

Sometimes you may have a water damage situation that you need to get immediate answers.  If you are in that position, give J.W. Home Care Restoration a call.  We always give honest assessments of every restoration assignment.

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