Harbor City Damage Restoration, California

Need damage restoration services in Harbor City, California?  A delay of a single day can lead to even more expensive repair bills due to progressive secondary destruction.  JW Home Care is ready with mitigation and recovery emergency services 24/7.  We’re the local experts in flood and water damage restoration, fire damage repairs, sewage removal, and mold remediation.

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Whether you’re dealing with a bathtub overflow or a major blaze in Harbor City we’ll get everything back to normal as quickly as possible with our certified technicians and the latest in equipment.  Unlike general contractors, repairmen, or cleaning services we’re emergency and disaster restoration specialists.  Working with hundreds of clients our highly-trained crews have seen first hand what happens if water or smoke damage is neglected.  Interior wall plasterboard crumbles, wood (even structural framing) warps, metal valuables corrode, and smoke odors become permanent.

Insurance companies require mitigation services such as ours to prevent that progressive deterioration, otherwise those losses are unlikely to be covered.  Insurance claims can get complicated, especially when it comes to flood damage, so whatever your restoration needs we’ll work directly with your insurance company and handle all the paper work.  That includes thorough and detailed estimates, loss and recovery documentation, mitigation verification, and billing.

Fire Damage

The aftermath of a fire puts your emotions and our technical abilities to the test.  But we’re up to the job, and that alone should give you a little peace of mind.  Our fire restoration services cover the gamut of fire, water, and smoke.  After securing the building, if any areas remain occupied we’ll isolate them and set up air purification to protect against toxic fumes as well as lingering corrosive and toxic smoke.  Our crews will take care of debris removal and fire damage repairs while our other specialists clean char and smoke from building surfaces.  We’ll also provide specialized cleaning for furniture and other possessions to keep firefighting water and smoke damage to a minimum.  We’ll also use special equipment that removes all odors, even those trapped deeply within the structure.

Flood Damage

Any water intrusion that has been in contact with the ground or has been standing for 24 hours or more requires special attention.  There’s bulk water and debris removal and more extensive drying, but also major sanitation issues.  The international non-profit leader IICRC puts this inundation in the same biohazard category as a sewage backup, so our certified antimicrobial specialists will be on duty at your Harbor City location to keep everyone safe during and long after our flood damage restoration.

Mold Remediation

Unsightly or completely hidden mold is both a health hazard and the cause of progressive building deterioration.  That can be a sudden aspect of flood or firefighting, or develop gradually from leaks or simply excessive indoor humidity.  If you smell musty odors or notice an increase in allergies or flu-like symptoms at your Harbor City home or business there’s a good chance that you need expert services.  Do-it-yourself efforts usually leave behind spores, allergens, and toxins and often don’t even hit all the right areas.

Our licensed mold removal crews follow the ANSI/IICRC S520 Standard and IICRC R520 Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation.  They use IR technology to find high-moisture locations as part of the inspection and testing.  They’ll then isolate their work areas to prevent the spread of spores and other contaminants, and perform absolutely thorough mold and spore removal according to industry best practices.

Sewage Removal and Cleanup

Not every flood damage company can properly handle a sewage backup, or even a toilet overflow.  But our certified antimicrobial experts can.  They’ll make sure that all our workers are protected and that the biohazard is contained and isolated.  Our crews will identify the source of the problem and if it can’t be cleared will perform vacuum sewage removal and disposal meeting all the Harbor City, LA County, and California requirements.  Besides incredibly detailed cleaning and disinfection, all materials that have been directly contaminated will be disposed of if they can’t be completely sterilized.

Harbor City Water Damage Restoration

As with most things, prevention is the best solution.  So following the ANSI/IICRC Standard and Reference Guides for Professional Water Damage Restoration our primary goal is to thoroughly the building and it contents as quickly as possible to prevent further deterioration.  Water quickly soaks past carpet or other flooring to where natural evaporation can take weeks.  We get everything taken care of in just a few days by

  • identifying and blocking the source,
  • water removal through diversion or pump out,
  • surface water extraction, and
  • dehumidification for building structural dry out.

Our water restoration services also include cleaning, disinfecting, odor removal, and water damage repair.

Contents Pack Out and Cleaning

Of course smoke, water, and mold can affect furniture and other possessions as well.  It’s often best to remove items completely from affected areas for off-site treatment.  That reduces cross-contamination and allows us to perform cleaning, drying, and other restoration under controlled conditions. And it’s no task for an ordinary moving company — special pre-treatments are needed to prevent yet another disaster, and insurance companies require very detailed inventories and documentation.  That helps your peace of mind as well.  Our licensed and certified pack out team recover as many as items as possible, and we’ll provide secure storage near Harbor City.

A Harbor City California “Secret”

The “city” is an area within LA with an interesting history.  At the turn of the last century Los Angeles wanted to build a port by annexing San Pedro and Wilmington but residents and businesses were resistant.  So the city purchased large tracts of land, naming them Harbor Gateway and Harbor City, and threatened to build the port there.  In 1909 their targets gave in, but LA kept Harbor City as an inland link.  And the name stuck.  (Information from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harbor_City,_Los_Angeles).