Fire and Water Damage Restoration Lakewood, California

Dealing with a building disaster iin Lakewood, California?  Whether you need fire damage repairs, mold remediation, sewage removal, or water damage restoration — If you’re in Lakewood CA our experts can be there within the hour, 24 hours a day for emergency service.  Our fire and flood damage restoration crews are certified experts and have the latest in advanced equipment.

Don’t let a small problem become a big problem.  Our professional damage restoration services can actually save you money by preventing secondary damage that insurance simply won’t cover.

JW Restoration

We’ve served hundreds of clients with expert damage restoration, always going above and beyond what’s expected for outstanding results. That includes working closely with your insurance company and filing the paperwork for you.  So there’s no stress or wasted time even for flood and mold claims.

Fully licensed and insured, our technicians are highly-trained and certified in the broad range of flood and fire damage cleaning and restoration specialties  And we support them with cutting-edge equipment that cleaners and general contractors simply don’t have.

Fire Damage Restoration in Lakewood

Don’t let one disaster give rise to another.  You need more than just fire damage repairs.

Even a small fire needs professional expertise to head off further destruction by smoke and water.  Smoke damage is likely to extend into much of the building where its hundreds of harmful compounds will immediately begin discoloring and staining many materials (particularly any form of cloth) along with tarnishing and corroding metals in just hours, and even etching glazed tile, porcelain, and glass in just a few days.  Within just a couple of days smoke’s odor causing-compounds can penetrate porous materials so deeply that they can no longer be removed.  Our Lakewood fire restoration technicians are ready with dry ice blasting to remove char, soot, and smoke from building surfaces and structures as well as specialist cleaning for fixtures, trim, building contents, and more.  And our odor removal equipment will permanently neutralize lingering smells.

Firefighting water may also have traveled far beyond burned areas, in which case our water damage restoration team will join the force.  Our crews will inspect and secure the building, mitigate smoke and water damage, and take care of debris removal, smoke removal, odor removal, fire damage repairs, clean up, and haul-away.

Flood Damage Restoration

Anything more than a small area of wet carpet calls for a water restoration professional, but full flooding calls for aggressive water removal and building drying along with expert sanitation.  Visible mold could be the least of your problems.  Without immediate mitigation you’re likely to have hidden (or obvious) water damage within just one or two days affecting flooring, furniture, walls, and even the structure itself.  Plus any flood water that’s been in contact with the ground or standing for more than 24 hours will be filled with countless disease organisms that also fill the air.  Our experienced and well-trained flood damage crews will take care of bulk water removal and debris removal along with careful cleaning, disinfecting, and odor removal.

Lakewood Water Damage Restoration

Without water restoration expertise for immediate mitigation it’s likely you’ll soon be facing potentially expensive water damage repairs.  It takes a lot less water than you might think to cause problems such as mold, wood warping, and disintegrating sheet rock in just 24-48 hours.  Water quickly soaks through flooring and into the sub-floor, works its way upwards inside walls, and penetrates into the building’s structure.  That can happen in just minutes, but harmful levels of moisture can remain for weeks and weeks even though surfaces may feel dry.  Besides special training, special equipment is necessary to get everything safely dry in just a matter of a few days.  Here’s what it takes.

  • Conduct a building survey to fully understand the situation
  • Identify, locate, and correct the source through temporary or permanent repairs
  • Bulk water removal through diversion or pump out
  • Surface water extraction from floors, walls, and ceilings with industry-unique vacuum equipment
  • Thorough structural drying through advanced ventilation and dehumidification equipment
  • Odor removal
  • Water damage repairs

Needless to say, we have what it takes for your Lakewood home or business.

Mold Removal

Mold is a growing concern in Lakewood, not because it’s something new but because the medical world now has a better understanding of its many risks to health.  Plus today’s homes and commercial buildings are built tighter, so excessive humidity and moisture are more likely to build up.  That moisture is all mold needs to grow.  It can flourish hidden in complete darkness.  Once you see it you probably already have a much bigger problem than you think.  Before that you may have noticed a musty odor or an increase in allergies or flu-like symptoms.

Except for small clear-cut outbreaks mold remediation needs to be handled by licensed professionals such as those at JW Restoration.  Besides health hazards, mold spreads easily by tiny invisible spores and it’s very difficult to remove all spores and mold leaving you open to regrowth.

Our pros begin with infrared instruments that alert us to moisture problems.  We don’t drill holes or open up wall cavities just to see if mold might be there!  Following all regulations and guidelines we isolate the affected areas before beginning mold removal by any of several approved techniques.  Our mold remediation continues with mildicide treatments and decontaminating surrounding areas with carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning.  And we’ll get rid of those musty odors.

Sewage Removal

Whether a toilet overflow or major sewage backup, there’s a big disease potential.  Requiring proper ventilation, worker protection, and sanitation expertise sewage removal isn’t something you should do yourself (not that you wanted to!).  Our sewage crews, including an anti-microbial specialists, will correct whatever problem caused the blockage, perform vacuum sewage removal, and then complete thorough cleaning and disinfection.  We’ll also take care of odor removal and transporting hazardous waste through Lakewood on its way to proper disposal.

Pack Out

If your emergency has made a large portion of your Lakewood home or business a wet, contaminated environment our pack out services will get your furniture and other possessions out of harm’s way.  Forget regular moving companies — even the best lack the expertise for preventing further deterioration nor for the detailed documentation required by insurance companies.  Our certified technicians will document conditions and losses, pre-treat building contents, and pack out to our facility for further treatment, secure storage, and ultimate return.

Lakewood Disaster Preparation

Lakewood has about 3 times the earthquake risk as California as a whole.  Plus over a 60 year span ending in 2010, within 50 miles of Lakewood there were an average of some 3 floods and 1 incident of high winds each year along with significant wild fires every couple of years.  (Information from  So it’s clearly worthwhile to be prepared. You can learn how at The tips about making it through the first week after a disaster might even be helpful in your current emergency.