Water Damage Restoration Long Beach, California

Do you need expert restoration services in Long Beach, California?  JW Home Care serves Long Beach with outstanding flood damage and fire damage specialists and the latest in equipment.  In addition to certified water damage restoration technicians and fire restoration technicians, we’re licensed for mold removal and sewage removal.  The first day is the most critical in preventing further destruction, so our emergency fire and water damage restoration teams are ready 24 hours a day.

Water Damage Restoration

A burst water heater or washer hose is enough of a disaster to call in water damage restoration professionals.  That’s because water quickly soaks beyond flooring and into the sub-floor, and works its way upwards inside walls.  Even though it can penetrate deeply into structural materials in a mater of minutes it takes weeks to evaporate under normal conditions in Long Beach.  But all that time it causes mold growth, destroys drywall, warps wood, and so on.  Our water restoration specialists use their training and advanced equipment to bring drying time down to just a few days.

Leak Detection

Even a small leak leads to staining and progressive water damage.  It may seem reasonable to think that putting up with such harm is better than someone making a bunch of holes to find the source.  But that risks risk major costs from hidden damage.  Damage is progressive, and a plumbing or roof leak can suddenly become much worse.  Our leak detection experts use electronic meters, infrared cameras, and just plain experience to non-destructively pinpoint any leak.

Flood Inspection

It doesn’t take El Nino to cause major flood damage in Long Beach.  Urban flooding can happen in any year, winter storms send trees through the roof, and  plumbing bursts.  A single activated fire sprinkler puts out water 10 times faster than a shower head!

Our water damage restoration work begins with one of our certified inspectors assessing the scene and creating a site- and situation-specific recovery plan.  Following IICRC S500 guidelines (https://www.iicrc.org/standards/iicrc-s500/), the amount of water determines the type and extent of drying services and the source of water determines the nature and scope of cleaning and disinfection.

Water Extraction

After any needed pump out and initial sanitation, our water extraction vacuums pull out surface wetness from floors, walls, and ceilings.  These high-performance units remove up to twice as much water as lesser equipment such as that used by carpet cleaners.  Besides protecting building surfaces, this process lowers air humidity to protect building contents and speeds overall building drying by a day or more.

Structural Drying

Special equipment and careful monitoring are necessary to complete thorough building structural dry out quickly enough to forestall secondary damage.  We use a combination of industry-unique blowers, refrigerant dehumidifiers, and other specialized drying equipment until measurements show that moisture levels throughout the building are back down to safe levels.

Restoration and Repair

Our flood damage restoration crews can also take care of debris removal, cleaning, and sanitation.  In addition to any needed mold and mildew removal, they can also complete water damage repairs such as replacing flooring and drywall.

Odor Removal

Surface cleaning, no matter how thorough, can only go so far.  So for odor removal we also have unique equipment that produce special vapors.  They penetrate into porous materials and seep through the smallest of openings into the inner structure of the building.  Either by attaching to odor-causing compounds (“fogging”) or breaking them apart (ozone) the vapors truly neutralize odors before dissipating.

Mold Removal

The EPA recommends a licensed mold removal company such as JW Home Care for any outbreaks larger than 10 square feet, for several reasons.  Many species (not just black mold) release toxins that can lead to permanent organ damage.  And all species release allergens and irritants.  Mold spreads easily through invisible spores that float in the air.  And it doesn’t need light to grow so an even bigger problem could be hiding just behind the drywall or under flooring.

Our licensed and certified mold remediation specialists will perform a thorough inspection, including unique infrared technology to locate damp areas hidden inside walls.  They will then isolate the work area, properly and thoroughly remove spores and mold, decontaminate the building with services such as air duct cleaning, and neutralize musty odors.

Sewage Removal

You could be experiencing a sewage backup due to local flooding and/or a clogged line due to a foreign object being flushed, or any of a number of other causes.  But the unpleasant result it the same.  Besides the odor, hoards of bacteria and viruses become airborne and pose a major health hazard.  So beyond extraction, our sewage removal teams include certified microbial remediation experts to assure proper containment and isolation and incredibly thorough cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing.  Besides OSHA worker protection requirements we abide by all Long Beach and California requirements for the transport and disposal of such wastes.

Pack Out Services

When disaster strikes our pack out services can rescue your furniture and other belongings by getting them out of a contaminated or wet area.  An everyday moving company has no idea how to pre-treat and properly transport possessions from a fire or water catastrophe scene.  We’ll take care of that, along with specialist cleaning, drying, and restoration at our climate-controlled facility followed by secure storage until your home or business is ready for their return.

Long Beach CA Flood and Fire Disaster

Over the decades the City of Long Beach California has been through a surprising number of disasters.  Even ignoring earthquakes, port, and industrial disasters there have been some 465 extreme weather events within 50 miles of downtown for a 60-year period ending in 2010.  That includes 159 floods, 81 high-wind incidents, and 37 wildfires (www.usa.com).  So it’s always wise to be prepared.  In Long Beach you can sign up for text, email, and voice alerts at http://www.longbeach.gov/disasterpreparedness/alert-long-beach/).