Water Damage Restoration Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Do you have a need for water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, or mold removal in Rancho Palos Verdes, California?  You want the job done right, and ordinary cleaning services just aren’t up to the job even for small problems.  In Rancho Palos Verdes you want specialists, like those at JW Restoration.  They have all the advanced equipment necessary for fast and thorough handling of your fire and flood damage restoration needs, including mold remediation and sewage removal.  We’re on-alert and on-call 24/7/365.

JW Restoration, Your Rancho Palos Verdes Professionals

Facing a disaster in your Rancho Palos Verdes fine home or business is difficult, but immediate action is absolutely necessary.  Otherwise you’ll be dealing with additional destruction that insurance won’t cover because it was preventable.  Our professional damage restoration services cover all the bases and work directly with your insurance provider to create all the detailed documentation needed for a hassle-free claims process.

Fully licensed and insured, our teams include certified technicians and inspectors specializing in the many skills needed for outstanding drying, sanitation, cleaning, and restoration services.  And we back them with the latest in cutting edge equipment, from exceptionally powerful water extractors to HEPA filters for air purification and ozone generators for odor removal.

Having served hundreds of clients with expert services well above and beyond the ordinary, we know that there’s more than the details of restoring a home or business to pre-loss safe, clean, and odor-free conditions.  Our staff and truly professional crews are ready to get you past the sometimes overwhelming feelings of loss and frustration with dependable one-stop services start to finish.  We’re ready to serve Rancho Palos Verdes Estates 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

About Flood Damage

For any type of flooding, from failed plumbing to a winter storm, you have just a 1 to 2 day window of opportunity to mitigate against secondary damage.  It can be less than a day before mold blooms, hardwood floors and even structural framing warp, and plaster and drywall begin to crumble.  With anything more than a few square feet of wet flooring enough water will have soaked into the structure to create harmful moisture levels that will last for weeks in Rancho Palos Verdes’ climate, or just about anywhere.  So flood damage  restoration involves more than water removal, cleanup, and repairs.

Palos Verdes Water Damage Restoration

The key to successful water restoration is to get the building and it’s contents safely dry as quickly as possible.  Our water extraction equipment far outperforms that of conventional cleaning services, removing as much as twice the moisture from floor, wall, and ceiling surfaces.  Our structural dry out service uses a combination of refrigerant dehumidifiers, specialized dryers, and air movers to actively pull out all excess moisture, even that which has reached deeply into the structure.  Guided by frequent monitoring we’ll make adjustments to keep the process moving along quickly, and not stop until moisture levels are down into the safe range.  Our various certified technicians will also attend to furniture and other possessions with specialist drying, cleaning, and restoration services as well as water damage repairs.

Mold Remediation

A type of fungus, mold doesn’t need light to grow — just a little moisture.  So a major problem could be hidden completely out of sight.  You might notice its distinctive musty odor, or perhaps some suspicious health issues in your family such as prolonged allergies or flu-like symptoms.  Mold removal shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Stringent OSHA regulations and EPA recommendations (https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2016-10/documents/moldguide12.pdf) typically call for licensed specialists such as those at JW.  We’ll keep everyone safe from potential toxins with proper isolation and ventilation, then minimize the chance of recurring mold growth with thorough spore and mold removal (including air duct cleaning) and additional abatement procedures.  We’ll even neutralize any remaining musty odors.

Floodwater and Sewage Removal

Mold isn’t the only biohazard you could be facing together with water damage in Rancho Palos Verdes.  Any water that has been in contact with soil or has been standing for more than 24 hours is likely to be filled with pathogens and should be treated as such (http://www.randrmagonline.com/articles/83600-the-standards-of-our-time-applying-iicrc-categories-of-water-to-a-job-situation).  Our sanitation specialists are ready for those isolation, disinfection, and cleaning needs.

A sewage backup or toilet overflow is clearly highly unsanitary.  But many Rancho Palos Verdes homeowners don’t realize that those bacteria and viruses easily become airborne.  So our certified applied microbial remediation specialists will be dispatched to any site where there’s been contamination.  Sewage removal must proceed carefully, with full personal protective gear.  Actual extraction work begins only after the hazard has been contained and isolated, and must be followed up with flawless cleaning and disinfecting.

Smoke and Fire Damage Repair

Recovery from a fire, no matter how small, runs the gamut of  expert services.  With smoke damage, hours count in preventing permanent staining and other discoloration of more types of materials (such as grout and fiberglass) than most people would ever imagine.  It’s acidic compounds corrode just about any uncoated metal (including inside appliances and electronics), and if not completely removed soon enough its odor-causing compounds will have penetrated too deeply for removal, leaving you stuck with the choice: major repairs, reconstruction, and replacements or risking smoke odors that can linger for years.

JW is a single company you can count on to coordinated all the trades needed for complete recovery and fire damage repairs of your Rancho Palos Verdes fine home or business.  It all begins with securing the building, structural reinforcement, moving contents, and isolating unaffected areas.  Then our army of smoke, water, and fire restoration specialists really get to work.  That includes setting up HEPA air scrubbers to remove even the smallest of airborne contaminants.  Dry ice blasting thoroughly and efficiently removes smoke, soot, and char from building surfaces while our cleaning and restoration specialists take care of the rest.  That includes using the perfect combination of procedures and cleansers for each item to be treated.  With anything more than a small blaze put out with a dry or CO2 extinguisher, our water damage restoration technicians will take care of rapid structural dry out and mold abatement.  Our unique equipment such as ozone generators will completely remove odors throughout the building, no matter where they might be hiding.  Finally, we’ll take care of all fire damage repairs, cleanup, and haul away.  Everything will quickly be back to normal, with nothing left that you’ll have to deal with.

Treatment and Pack Out Services for Building Contents

With significant water or fire damage it’s best to get furniture and other belongings out of the affected areas.  That speeds building drying and cleaning, and protects your possessions from further damage from smoke, water, and humidity.  But this should never be left to a moving and storage company.  Our pack out services begin with special pre-treatment and fast transport to head off mold and other problems.  Our certified pack out team will then take special care of your treasures with expert cleaning and restoration.  Everything will be fully documented for your own peace of mind as well as for insurance claims.  We’ll also provide secure storage until your Rancho Palos Verdes home or business is ready for their return.  But like a good moving company, we’ll place everything right where you want it.

Rancho Palos Verdes Estates Disaster Preparation

Even right after a disaster it’s never to late to become more prepared.  As reported by usa.com within a 50 mile radius of Rancho Palos Verdes there were 138 floods and 37 wildfires for the years 1950 through 2010.  And you may remember the brushfire in August of 2015 that threatened several homes.   You can download a couple of helpful PDF guides specific to PVE  from http://www.pvestates.org/services/police-department/divisions/administration/disaster-preparedness.