Fire and Water Damage Restoration San Pedro, California

Whether you’re dealing with a building emergency or the impact of a San Pedro, California local disaster we have what it takes to get everything back to normal quickly and worry-free.  Every hour counts in preventing further deterioration, so our expert crews are ready to roll 24 hours a day every day of the year.  With the latest equipment for efficient and thorough work they’re highly trained in flood damage and water damage restoration, fire damage, smoke damageodor removal, mold remediation, and sewage backup cleaning.  And our pack out specialists provide protection and restoration for furniture and other building contents.

Why JW Restoration?

A locally owned and operated disaster restoration company we’re your San Pedro damage restoration experts, fully insured and properly licensed.  Over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of clients and together with ongoing training we know all the right things to do for technical services, insurance paperwork, and customer care.

We’ve also seen what happens when a home or business owner delays taking action or brings in anyone other than fire and water damage restoration specialists.  That includes major problems with mold, destroyed wood floors and drywall, structural problems, corroded fixtures and hardware, and smoke odors that last for years.  All that’s preventable in most cases, and without proper mitigation won’t be covered by insurance.

We’ll work directly with your insurance company, even filing all the detailed paperwork for a big load and worry off your shoulders.  As quickly as possible we’ll have your property back to clean, safe, and attractive pre-loss condition — and your daily routine back to normal — with 24/7 emergency service in San Pedro.

Fire Damage Restoration in San Pedro

If you’re feeling overwhelmed after a fire, even a small one, you’re not alone.  There’s a myriad of things that need to be done beyond basic fire damage repair to prevent further deterioration from spiraling out of control.  We’re a single company that can take care of all your fire restoration needs.  You’ve likely experienced a deluge from fire suppression, and with tarp overs and board ups we can prevent additional water intrusion.  And of course we can follow up with drying, dehumidifying, and mold abatement.  Besides debris removal and bulk cleanup our fire restoration specialists can provide unique procedures — standard cleaning methods often make matters worse.  Our overarching goal is to take the right actions right away to keep fire damage repairs to a minimum, keeping costs down and getting you comfortably back at home or your San Pedro business humming along as soon as possible.

Soot, Smoke, and Odor Removal

Spreading far and wide ash, soot, and smoke are often the biggest problems in fire restoration.  Toxic and acidic, smoke damage includes discoloration and staining, corrosion of just about any metal, and odors that quickly penetrate into porous building materials, textiles, and contents to where they’re impossible to remove.  If occupancy continues we’ll set up isolation and air purification the clean up using the proper cleansers and procedures for each item.  For walls and ceilings that usually means dry ice blasting to quickly and thoroughly remove char, soot, and smoke.  To deal with materials we can’t reach, our ozone generators produce an eco-friendly gas the makes its way to everywhere that smoke can and then safely breaks down the odor-causing compounds before itself breaking down into just water and oxygen.

Water Damage Restoration

It takes more than just water removal to prevent further damage and deterioration.  Within minutes water can soak beneath flooring and make it’s way up inside walls and into structural framing and other parts of the building.  To keep water damage repairs to a minimum we focus of mitigation by fast and absolutely thorough removal of excess moisture throughout structure, not just surfaces.  We accomplish that in two phases.  The first is vacuum surface water extraction from floors, walls and ceilings.  That helps protect those materials and reduces the load for the second phase — dehumidification to pull out deep-down dampness.  That’s especially important in San Pedro’s climate.  Our experts will also take care of other water damage restoration tasks such as cleaning, disinfecting, and odor removal.

San Pedro Flood Damage Restoration

Flood damage restoration involves additional issues such as standing water removal, debris removal, and additional cleaning needs before proceeding to water damage restoration.  Sanitation, including mold abatement, is a particularly important concern in flood damage situations as ground water sources will be filled with soil bacteria, viruses, and fungi.  As will most other sources after 24 hours.

Mold Remediation

Mold often presents hidden health hazards and hidden destruction.  That’s because it can grow in complete darkness, completely hidden from view.  A licensed mold removal company, we use IR technology to locate moisture and likely mold growth wherever it might be hiding, even inside walls.  With additional inspection and testing we’ll know the exact situation before we even begin.  Our certified crews will isolate the affected area, complete spore and mold removal, and provide mold abatement through non-toxic anti-fungals and additional decontamination measures.

The EPA recommends professional services for any problem greater than around 3 feet across, hidden or visible.  If there’s any doubt, keep in mind the likelihood that do-it-yourself efforts expose you to increased health risks and often aren’t thorough enough to prevent a re-occurrence

Sewage Removal

With a sewage backup sanitation is clearly the top priority, and our antimicrobial experts take care of worker protection, preventing disease-causing organism from spreading, and assuring immaculate cleaning and disinfection.  If it’s not possible to clear or repair the sewer line quickly enough for sewage removal down the drain, we’ll provide vacuum sewage extraction along with proper transportation of wastes through San Pedro and on to proper disposal.  And we’ll bring in our odor removal equipment to permanently neutralize any and all odors.

Pack Out

To minimize damage and total losses of furniture and other building contents it’s often best (and more economical) to use our pack out services.  We’ll move your things from a harmful environment into our facility near San Pedro for professional treatment and secure storage until work on your home or business is complete.  We’ll provide detailed tracking and documentation all along the way for your peace of mind as well as for filing insurance claims.  Unlike standard moving and storage companies we have the expertise and equipment necessary for pre-treatment and prompt transport by certified pack out technicians.

Be Prepared for Future San Pedro Disasters

Once a separate city, San Pedro has been officially part of Los Angeles since 1909.  Drought, heat waves, earthquakes, and landslides — unfortunately we have it all.  You can find some great preparedness info at  Although we hope not, with landslides often caused by heavy rain, especially after wildfires, you may need our services again.  For a 60 year average (ending in 2010) within 50 miles of San Pedro there was an average of 2.4 floods and 0.6 wildfires per year.