Water Damage Restoration Torrance, California

Are you making your way through a flood or fire disaster in Torrance, California?  Whether home or business, the experts at JW know exactly what to do to prevent further deterioration then return the building and its contents to pre-loss condition.  Our technicians and advanced equipment get your life back to normal with professional flood damage and fire restoration, including mold remediation, sewage removal, and smoke and odor removal services.  A Torrance water damage restoration leader, we’re ready 24/7 to get your life back on track as quickly as possible.

Torrance Water Damage Restoration

Whether caused by faulty plumbing or mother nature, without professional water restoration services you’re setting your self up for yet more problems.  It doesn’t take a basement flood for you to need flood damage restoration experts and special equipment.  A bathtub overflow or burst washing machine hose will do.  Water quickly soaks through flooring, and with anything more than a few square feet of wet carpet there’s enough dampness in the sub-floor and up inside walls to cause secondary damage such as warped wood, mold, and crumbling sheetrock (www.iicrc.org).  That can get started in as little as 24 hours yet can continue for weeks.  So besides cleanup, disinfection, and water damage repairs we’ll remove all excess moisture in just a few days.  That means water extraction from walls and ceilings as well as flooring followed by complete structural dry out with our state-of-the-art equipment.

Sewage Removal

A sewage backup is clearly a nasty situation, but did you know that those bacteria and viruses become airborne?  Or that anything that comes in direct contact with sewage must be heat sanitized or thrown away?  Or that there’s special regulations covering sewage extraction and transportation down Torrance roadways?  Our highly trained antimicrobial specialists understand all the ins and outs of containing and isolating “the situation,” sewage removal, and extraordinarily thorough cleaning, disinfection, and odor removal.

Mold Removal

Like most things, ignoring a mold problem only makes matters worse.  Especially if your Torrance location is near the ocean.  It’s likely to continue growing, often mostly hidden (it doesn’t need light), leading to more extensive repairs.  And continued exposure to its allergens and irritants.  With toxic species such as black mold, prolonged exposure can even lead to life-threatening conditions.  And not all highly-toxic species are black.  Once more than a roughly 3 by 3 foot area is affected only licensed mold remediation specialists can safely remove it.  Our experts follow ANSI/IICRC S520 guidelines in full detail, isolating the work area, setting up air exhaust and air filtration, thoroughly removing spores and mold (including building-wide decontamination such as carpet and air duct cleaning), applying anti-fungals, and removing those musty odors.

Fire Restoration in Torrance

Most people are so overwhelmed by the sight of a fire’s aftermath they know immediately that they need to hire a fire restoration company.  But even for smaller blazes you need way more than a handyman for fire damage repair.  If fire hoses or a sprinkler system was involved you’ll need rapid drying and other water damage restoration services.  Smoke and soot are toxic and acidic, damaging just about any material given enough time.  In as little as 1-2 days many materials are permanently discolored or corroded.  And smoke’s odor-causing compounds soon penetrate into porous materials so deeply that they can no longer be removed.  Smoke removal requires special training in selecting the right cleansers and procedures for various materials; anything less is likely to make things worse.  Without professionals performing all the right mitigation steps against these sorts of secondary damage your insurance company is likely to deny those claims as “preventable.”  So let our team of fire restoration specialists take care of the complicated mess while you recover emotionally.

Pack Out

With significant flood damage or water damage, it’s necessary to get furniture and other building contents out of the affected area.  Even if they’re a total loss, that helps building cleaning and drying proceed faster.  And it gets undamaged and recoverable items out of a contaminated and/or wet environment.  But hauling everything into a self-storage space or hiring a moving and storage company is likely to lead to a second disaster of mold and lingering smoke odors.

Our pack out services take care of building contents with expert pre-treatment followed by pack out to our to our facility near Torrance.  There they receive expert cleaning, drying, and other treatments before secure storage.  You, and your insurance company, will receive a complete and detailed inventory of everything, including documentation of specific damages.

JW Restoration

Fully licensed and insured, we provide outstanding damage restoration services for Torrance homes and businesses.  Our crews are experienced, skilled, and highly trained and included technicians certified in the various specialties involved in water damage restoration, sewage and mold removal, and fire damage restoration.  Together with our large inventory of advanced equipment you’ll have fast efficient work with top-quality results.  We’ll work directly with any insurance company, following their mitigation and documentation requirements to save you time and frustration.  JW will get your home or business back to safe, clean, and odor-free pre-loss condition and your life back on an even keel as quickly as possible.  And you’ll have our 1-year guarantee.

Torrance Floods?

Most people don’t think about Torrance California when it comes to floods, but they’re not unheard of.  As noted by usa.com for a 60 year period ending in 2010 there were 146 significant floods within 50 miles.  More specifically, and more recently, Torrance businesses were inundated in a 2014 flash flood (http://abc7.com/weather/torrance-businesses-swamped-in-flash-flood/439534/).  So local homeowners and businesses need to prepare for flood and fire (from building hazards as well as from nature), high winds, and earthquakes.  The City of Torrance provides information at http://www.torranceca.gov/DisasterInfo.htm.