Sewer backing up?
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Sewage Damage, Removal, And Cleanup Los Angeles

Sewage damage is one problem that really stinks to get. Whether your toilet is overflowing or your sewer has backed up this is not an issue that you can let lie. Not only is it unsanitary, but sewage can also attract many unwanted parasites and contagious disease organisms. Unfortunately it is not a problem that you can deal with on your own either. Sewage cleanup requires a professional company with both the tools and techniques to properly deal with the sewage damage. In many cases clogs will need to be removed or the entire septic tank could overflow and seep raw sewage all across your property.

JW Home Care is ready to help

teamThe team at JW Home Care has years of practice in handling sewage damage and removal. We have all the necessary tools at our disposal to get the job done properly. We will review your situation and plan an effective strategy for sewage removal. If there is damage in your sewer line we will discover where the issue lies and get it dealt with. Once the project is completed we will also help with all sewage cleanup to ensure that we leave you in a clean and safe living environment.


5* Yelp Reviews

I recently used Jw home care for some water damage I had at my house. Originally I called them to clean a room of carpet because of a toilet I had overflow. Due to my mom being sick, I couldn’t have them come out for a few days. Well Jonathan came out, before he started working he told me that there might be more damage then I thought. So he asked if he could take some moisture readings. Sure enough he found that my wood floors were wet, my drywall in my hallway was soaked and found some mold under my sink because my cabinets soaked up a lot of the water. Because I waited so long they had to removed mostly everything. WHAT A MESS! But they were so professional and quick about it! They started drying out my wooden studs and did that for about three days. They also put up a plastic barrier so dirt and dust wouldn’t dirty up the rest of my house. They recommended a good contractor and they put everything back together so I come move on with my life. The job was pretty expensive but they took 500 off my insurance deductible and billed the rest through my insurance company. In a time that you don’t have a lot of time to shop around, you need a good company and I’m glad yelp help me find JW home care. I highly recommend. ~ Jeff on Yelp

What causes sewage damage?

Sewage damage can occur for a number of reasons. One of the biggest problems is when your sewer line becomes clogged with objects. In many cases something will get flushed down the toilet that is not meant to be flushed and it causes a major issue. We have seen multiple incidents where a sall child flushed some of their toys down the toilet and they blocked the main sewage line and caused the whole home to backup. Sometimes even common items such as toilet paper or excessive waste can cause blockages. This is especially common in homes with a lower water pressure level.


The sewage removal process

We have multiple methods of removing sewage from your sewage system. If there is a blockage we will attempt to dislodge the item with pressured water in the pipes first. If this does not work we can try sucking out the debris with a high powered vacuum. In cases where neither of these options show results we will uncover the section of pipe that is blocked or damaged and replace it. Do not attempt sewage removal on your own, but let us handle it with the proper equipment instead.


Sewage Cleanup

If there is any leftover mess we will always take care to clean it up. In some cases sewage can escape the sewage system due to a leak or damaged pipe and we will take care of that as well. When we leave your home you can be sure that a complete sewage cleanup has been done.


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