Got A Flood? Or Water Damage?
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Water Damage Restoration For All Southern California Residents

Do You Need Professional Water Damage Restoration Services?

JW Home Care is an expert in the field of flood damage and water damage restoration. Over the years we have worked with hundreds of clients and we have seen what a problem water damage can become. There are many ways that your home can become flooded and it is important to know of a company to call that is nearby and available 24/7. For example your water main could burst in the middle of the night, a tree could fall on your house during a storm and allow water in, or a nearby creek might overflow and overwhelm your home. No matter the situation JW Home Care is ready to help.

Here at JW Home Care we know that every second counts when it comes to flood damage prevention. Allowing water to sit for any length of time will quickly damage the condition of your home.
Water wreaks havoc on floors, walls, and furniture alike. Over time you will see mold develop from the damp conditions. This is not a safe living environment for you or your family and it is something that you need to get dealt with immediately. You may think that there is some time to remove the water, but we have seen crumbling drywall, warping wood, and mold all develop in less than a day.

Restoration Process

5* Yelp Reviews


I called JW home care when my house flooded the day after Thanksgiving last year. (This review is long past due). I thought I was just going to have the water removed from my carpet and be done! Thank God Jonathan was  not closed for the holiday weekend as were the other companies I called! He came right over, knew exactly what needed to be done and got right to work. I worked with him for several weeks getting my house dried out and ready for the restoration process. Jonathan showed up every time he said he was coming and if he was going to be more than 5 minutes late he called. Everything he said and did was verified by my insurance company to be correct. He didn’t over charge or take advantage of the situation. He was honest, thorough and professional.  He is now the only person I call to have my carpets cleaned and recently cleaned my stone floors and made them look new again. I highly recommend using this company if you are ever dealing with a flood. Jonathan is very knowledgable of the process and can make a nightmare situation more bearable! ~ Lori on Yelp


What Steps Are Involved In Water Damage Restoration?


The most important aspect of water damage restoration is to remove the water and prevent further flooding. This includes a few different steps to complete.

  1. First we will do a quick survey of your home and create a plan of action. Each situation is different and it is important that we address the cause of the water as well or all cleanup efforts will be in vain.
  1. After we have decided on the best strategy we will deal with the source first. In most cases this will be a temporary fix such as tarps or covers until a contractor can arrive.
  1. Once the source is taken care of it is time to remove the water. We have a variety of methods for water removal such as water diversion and water vacuums.
  1. Even after the water has been removed it is important to thoroughly dry out your home. To do this we set up airflow through your home via windows, doors, and fans. If everything does not dry out completely you will still have the risk of mold from residual water.
  1. Once everything is complete we will do a final analysis of your home to make sure that the flood damage has been fully dealt with.


So next time you have a water damage emergency, call JW Home Care to help you out. Remember, every minute counts.

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